2016: Alenka Koderman Skice Ljubljane / Alenka Koderman Sketches of Ljubljana Gallery Hest, Židovska ulica 8, Ljubljana, Slovenia

VIDEO from Exhibition: Sketches from Cycle City on exhibition in Gallery Hest, Ljubljana, August 2016:


Staro jedro I, april 2016, akril na papirju





2015: ArtVenice Biennale 3, projected work, Sestiere, Castello,… Read MoreVenice, Italy

2014: Sea Scapes 2014 Art Exhibition, September 2014, Light Space &Time Online Art Galery, Special Merit Category Award


Exhibitions in year 2013 / Razstave v letu 2013:

From Gallery Ars, 30 may 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia:

A Koderman, otvoritev v Gal Ars, 30.5 A Koderman, otvoritev, 30.5

Foto: Gallery Ars 30.5.2013                                                                                                  Foto: Sonja Bezenšek, Gallery Ars, 30.5.2013

Otvoritev v Gal Ars foto Nives Palmic

na otvoritvi 30 maj 2013

 Foto: Nives Palmič, 30.5.2013

A Koderman, otvoritev, 30.5.2013 foto ars mkvhod razstava v Galeriji Ars 2013

Foto: Gallery Ars MK, 30.5.2013

 simbioza razstava v Gal Ars 2013tokovi razstava v Gal Ars 2013

maki razstava v Gal Ars 2013 skice razstava v Gal Ars 2013
katalog raz Ars 2013
tekst raz Ars 2013
Catalogue (Invitation) for Exhibition in Gallery Ars, may, 2013                              Text in catalogue / Tekst v katalogu oz. vabilu
Katalog (vabilo) za razstavo v Galeriji Ars, maj, 2013


Exhibitions from 2012 / Razstave v letu 2012:

From Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana: Likovni kritiki izbirajo maj 2012 / Art Critics Selected may 2012

izbor / selection: Lev Menaše

exhibition cd 2012

likovni kritiki izbirajo 2012

text cd 2012

tekst Likovni kritiki izbirajo Lev Menase Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana 2012

From exhibition in Gallery Krka Ljubljana 2012:

Linija Transformacij / A Line of Transformations

exhibition in krka 2012        Galery Krka 2012 Ljubljana

tekst Lev Menase Galerija Krka Ljubljana 2012

krka ljubljana 2012

from exhibition krka 2012                                                                                  krka exhibition 2012


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