portrait 2_Alenka Koderman painter


From Interview – for Art Habens Art Review, August 2017:

In a broader perspective, the view from a distance on my work: I see that this is an efforts, that takes time; which require the constant development: of knowledge, ability, perceptive functions, cognitive functions, sensory functions, etc; painting practice requires time.

My work in painting includes different Cycles:

Forest (1996-2001), Reflexion (1997-2006), Grass (2002-2006), Flowers (from 2006 onward), Sea and Waves (2007-2010), Figures (from 2010 onward), Light (from 2014 onward), Cycle City (from 2013 onward).

Since 2010, my work is focused mostly on figural art. Through years 2010-2014 I have primarily created sketches of figural motifs which with time grouped into different Cycles (Cycle Two, Cycle Figures, Cycle Dialogues etc.) and projecting themes such as: relations, different phases of life, time and changes, gender differences, body constitution, human work, function and activity and criticism of society like in the Cycle Petty Bourgeois. Some of the sketches are also relating to the places I have visited while others are based on literary motifs from example the ones from Iliad.

In 2010, I started a series of paintings – sketches on the theme of places, structures and path all conected with people, human. First I was mainly interested in the constitution of the city, the core of the dialogue and the meeting space between people. From that they were later developed sketches and paintings from the Cycle City.


Work in Atelier_March 2015_Alenka Koderman painter


Alenka Koderman was born in 1970 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

She began her study painting in 1991 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, graduating in 1996.

Alongside painting she is active as a graphic artist. She also led a creative workshop for children (2000-2005), she has worked as book-illustrator, designed book covers and created puppets.

She has participated in several group and individual painting exhibitions in Slovenia and other places:

2016: Alenka Koderman Skice Ljubljane / Alenka Koderman Sketches of Ljubljana Gallery Hest, Židovska ulica 8, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015: ArtVenice Biennale 3, projected work, Sestiere, Castello,… Read MoreVenice, Italy

2014: Sea Scapes 2014 Art Exhibition, September 2014, Light Space &Time Online Art Galery, Special Merit Category Award

2013: – Exhibition in theVic Library, Ljubljana – The Ars Gallery, Ljubljana – Exhibition at the Instytut Mikolowski Mikolów, Poland

2012: -The Krka Gallery, Ljubljana – Exhibition Pano: Critics’ Choice, art exhibition, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

2010: – The Hest Gallery, Ljubljana – The Mik Gallery, Vojnik, Celje




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